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Legal Services

Nikolov Trans International LTD is an independent Bulgarian law firm operating in Varna since 2007, and in USA since 1997, providing the highest quality of legal service to international organizations and businesses as well as individuals. Our business activities include business formation, business law, contract law, company law, commercial law and real estate, while we offer a considerable expertise and knowledge in investment contracts and taxation. Our Legal Services professionals have the corporate skills and knowledge to advise you on current developments and to help you achieve your business objectives. Our range of corporate services includes:

Incorporation of various kinds of businesses in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation.

Representation as Registered (Statutory) Agent in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation.

Mergers and Acquisitions, including legal due diligence covering the legal status of the company, ownership rights and restitution claims, intellectual property rights, existing contracts, company indebtedness, labor relations, pending claims and all other legal issues concerning the activity of the company

Legal advice related to the acquisition and sale of all types of property situated in Bulgaria. Processing the purchases of new developments and houses, drafting contracts for deposits and leasing. Review mortgage and sale deeds.
Representation. We will represent you in case of need, in any tax inspection or government legal action.

Contact us to learn how our experts can help in your corporate or individual legal matters. To learn more about our Legal Services, simply send us an enquiry and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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